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27 Dec 2017

Did you know that Brussels is the capital of Flanders, Belgium, and Europe? Brussels has a rich, interesting history. It started as a fortress and advanced into a thriving market. Afterward, Brussels political, economic, and social scene grew rapidly. If you are coming to Brussels, prepare to have your schedule busy. You can tour the following Brussels attractions:


1.      Grand-Place


The Grand Place is a spectacular attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the tourist season, you will find hordes of tourists who come to behold the beautiful main market square. Originally, the area was a swampy sandbank between two brooks. Therefore, people called it “broek sella” the origin of the name...

27 Dec 2017

The Palace of Versailles is a royal chateau in Versailles France. Internationally, it is acknowledged for the beauty of the gardens, and it is a tourist attraction centre you must travel to see. Here are the things to do in Chateau de Versailles.


The Palace of Versailles


For over 30 years now, the palace of Versailles has remained a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the top attractions you need to travel and see. The palace stands as an example of what used to be 18th-century French art. The centre was renovated back in the 16th century under Louis XIV before it became the centre for political power the years of the French revolution. The reason why the palace is a must visit is because of the celebration...

27 Dec 2017

A mystical and exotic continent, Africa is a place filled with unique culture and immeasurable landscapes. The large continent is diverse, enriched with ambiguity, and teeming with adventures to uncover. Nestled on the west coast of this vast continent is the country of Ghana. Small in size but large in adventure potential, there are many places to visit in Ghana.


Top of the list of places in Ghana is the capital of Accra. This historically interesting place can be the gateway to other tourist sites in Ghana, both near and far. From the bustling and heat-filled city of Accra to the coastal gems that offer a cooling breeze, there are so many places to visit in Ghana.


Here we’ll take a further look at what is...

27 Dec 2017

Texas is a southern US state that is comprised of desert regions, pine forests and Rio Grande, the popular river that joins with the boarders of Mexico. There is a museum of fine arts in its city of Houston, and there is a space centre Houston that offers exemplary displays. The LBJ presidential library is located in this region. Austin, the centre for eclectic music scene is enshrined in this place thereby making Texas a full package of amusement and entertainment. You cannot miss things to do in Texas because there are wide ranges of amenities available.


1.      Bing Bend National Pak


With over eight hundred thousand acres, this park contains a lot of treasures. Not only will you enjoy the different kind...

27 Dec 2017


South Africa is the southernmost part of Africa, and it is bordered by the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean on its sides. With a coastal line of more than 1600 miles, it is packed with beaches, offshore hotels and elegant restaurants where you can enjoy your holiday uninterrupted. The country is also known to have a lot of natural and artificial monuments that were designed in an attractive manner to amuse visitors. With vibrant cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, there are really many things to do in this region.  Arrange your visit well and make a list of the top places you would like to visit because South African tourism is an icon of amusement and enjoyment.


1.      Spend Your Time...

27 Dec 2017

Paris is a romantic city that is perfect for taking vacations. In fact, many people regard it as the City of Love. There are numerous reasons to visit Paris from the historical sites to classy restaurants. The city started as a small settlement of the Celtic tribe called the Parisii in the 3rd century. If you need the best places to visit, consider the following:


1.      Louvre Museum


Without a doubt, the Louvre Museum is among the finest art galleries in the world. Visitors to the museum hope to see the Mona Lisa and around 380,000 historical objects. 


2.      Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is a massive iron structure built in 1889. It served to commemorate the country's 100 year-anniversary...

27 Dec 2017

This is a gorgeous France independent state that is located in France’s Mediterranean coastline. Monaco is treasured by many people due to its upscale modern casinos; yacht covered harbours and a home for the legendary Grand prix motor race. Besides all these, the city is known to have charming and well-decorated streets that makes it to look amazing. There are many lux hotels, boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants where people can immerse themselves and have a great and remarkable enjoyment. Looking at such amenities, there are many things to do in Monaco.


1.      A Visit to the French Riviera


This is an enchanting municipality that is located in the Mediterranean coast of South Eastern France. The place...

27 Dec 2017

Illinois is a top choice vacation destination for many visitors each year. tourist attractions have been at the forefront of promoting the state’s tourism. Here are some of the things to do in Illinois which also serve as the best tourism attractions.


The Tiffany Dome


Thought to be the largest dome in existence, this is a top tourism attraction centre that many people have always wanted to visit. The dome is 38 feet in diameter and is made of Tiffany Favrile glass. The designers gave the dome a shape of fish scales and at the top, they put a zodiac sign. Originally, the illumination was with sunlight, but it is currently done with electricity. The Tiffany was constructed through the work of several...

27 Dec 2017

Compared to the other countries in Latin America, Guatemala is densely packed with various places to visit and things to do in Guatemala. From the renowned ancient Mayan archaeological site to the national reserves that offers hiking opportunities, there is certainly something for everyone in Guatemala. The ancient traditions in this country that dates back during the years of Columbus have remained intact. It is just impossible to find another country that offers a diverse set of activities and experiences.


Best Things to Do in Guatemala


For those of you who know few things about the country of Guatemala, we decided to focus on the different aspects of the country. You will realise that there are considerable...

27 Dec 2017

Central America is the southernmost part of North America that and it links North America with South America. It is a place that enshrines a lot of attractions including beaches, volcanoes, historical monuments, museums and game parks. Central America oozes beauty and luxury because of the tremendous luxurious amenities that are confined in this land. Central America shares many language and cultural heritage with the neighbouring cities and towns. This is why Mexico is considered to be part of Central America. With many countries to visit in Central America, you need to choose destinations wisely so that you remain with the places that will fulfil your travel tours. You cannot miss things to do in Central-America because...